MU Submission Process

Objective and Measures
(Threshold: the percentage of patients you have to reach)
Protect Patient Health Information:
  1. Security Risk Analysis Y/N
Electronic Prescribing:
  1. ePrescribing of permissible prescriptions >25%
Clinical Decision Support:
  1. 5 CDS interventions Y/N
  2. Drug-Drug interaction Y/N
  1. Medication Orders >60%
  2. Laboratory orders>60%
  3. Diagnostic imaging orders >60%
Patient Electronic Access to Health information:
  1. Patients have access to view, download or transmit data, or access to an API within 36 hours >80%
  2. Electronic access to CEHRT identified patient-specific education resources >35%
Coordination of Care Through Patient Engagement (Must report all denominators and numerators but meet threshold for 2 of 3:
  1. Patients view, download, or transmit into via portal or via API >10%
  2. Send secure electronic message to patient >25%
  3. Patient generated or data form non-clinical source incorporated in EHR >5%
Health Information Exchange:
  1. Electronic document exchange >50%
  2. Incorporate data from electronic summary of care >40%
  3. Clinical information reconciliation -Medications Reconciliation for MMU2 only >80%
Public Health & Clinical Data Registry:
  1. Immunization registry Y/N
  2. Syndromic surveillance Y/N
  3. Case Reporting Y/Y
  4. Public Health Registry Y/N
  5. Clinical Data registry Y/N
  6. Reportable labs Y/N